The Darkwood Inn is a rather odd, roadside inn that just appeared from nowhere. Enzqnfn is the innkeeper here but no one remembers how to pronounce that; so, we just call him The Innkeeper.

It seems he has a small group of adventurers from far off Westaven staying over at the moment and lately, a number of desert looking folk have been wandering through muttering about some grand caravan.

He’s also mentioned something about a handful of Yithians that pass through now and then. I don’t really know what that means but The Innkeeper always looks a bit nervous when he mentions it.

There’s also an outlandish group who say they’re from "New York" and they always seem to have sand in their boots. I don’t know why, there’s no beaches anywhere near the inn.


Welcome to the new Darkwood Inn! Ignore basically everything here as we’re still moving from stone tablets and papyrus scrolls to WordPress.

The Darkwood Inn started as an OpenRPG server in 2006 and then on to MapTool. Now we’re migrating to Foundry VTT.

We typically play games using the GURPS rules system. If you experience problems while visiting the Darkwood Inn or would like more information on Foundry VTT or the campaigns running at the Inn, please let me know by emailing innkeeper

If you’re new to GURPS and so don’t have access to any of the rules books, take a look at the free GURPS Lite.